Discover Your Path

Reach Your Goals

with Life Coach Lisa Fischer

Are You Ready to Live your life on purpose, Brave a career transition or improve self awareness?

You can chart a course for change, reveal your passion, and design your dream life. Focused Path Coaching provides a results-oriented approach to guide you along your journey.


Certified Life Coach, Lisa Fischer

Lisa Fischer

Certified Life Transformation Coach, Founder of Focused Path Coaching. 

Welcome to Focused Path Coaching! I am a Certified Life Transformation Coach empowering people to navigate uncertainty and find fulfillment and meaning in their life, career direction, and purpose. 

Through customized Individual, Group, and Team coaching programs, I help people face key life transitions. Whether you find yourself in the next steps following motherhood, divorce, retirement, a career change or experience some other momentous shift, I can work with you through self-discovery, overcoming obstacles, exploring possibilities, and vision mapping.  I utilize metaphors, mindfulness explorations, and keen listening skills to help you to Discover Your Path and Reach Your Goals.



Trust – Honesty – Creativity – Openness – Relationship

These are the core values that I bring to each coaching partnership.  


“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions” 

 Albert Einstein




"Coach Lisa is a true professional with a genuine passion for helping others. Her encouragement and positive energy are constants as she continually finds new ways to inspire positive change. She takes a goal-directed and balanced approach while implementing gradual progressions, thus creating impactful and lasting changes."

-Nick W.

“Lisa is absolutely brilliant, inspiring and such a bright shining soul! If you get the chance to have her coach you one on one or attend one of her workshops you won’t be sorry! She will propel you on your path towards your dreams!!!”

-Angie B. V. 

"I have found Lisa to be very helpful in moving my business to the next level. In a time of great transition Lisa guided me to sharpen my goals and helped me establish self-accountability. I would recommend her to anyone interested in a self-actualization coach."

– Alison K

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